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Confidence, or the appearance of confidence, is a big driver of success in many facets of life. It is something that is difficult to grow and most are not privileged to be born with it. Confidence is something that requires continual improvement through many aspects in order to improve over time. It will not come over night. Confidence requires knowledge and specialties in an area or field. It is also extremely delicate, as those who are overconfident are easily spotted. If you are lacking confidence, know that you can definitely change that for the better to improve so many aspects of your life that you may seem to be lacking in. As you gain confidence, you will find that the world around you looks at you differently and more positive things will come into your life as a result. Affirmations about confidence are a great way to get started on the right path in order to begin to bring that confidence into your life. But it is not without action on your part beyond practicing these affirmations.


Positive Affirmations for Confidence

Affirmations are powerful tools to help you construct a positive mindset. They can help to reshape your mindset in order to take action on things in your life to improve your situation. Action can be difficult to take when you believe everything around you is not going your way. With that negative mindset, you will continuously look at the negative aspects in your life and highlight them. This puts you in a downward spiral. This is the recency bias. The same thing when you focus on a specific car in your thoughts and you begin to see that car everywhere. It is not that the car you are thinking about just immediately began to be purchased by others around you. It is that you are seeing more of what you are thinking about. The same thing can be accomplished with your thoughts.

This is where affirmations are extremely helpful. They will help to implant a seed of hope and positivity into your mind, body, and soul by speaking positivity on a routine basis. With routine affirmations and actions, you can help that seed of positivity sprout and eventually bear fruit of positive outcomes in your life. Affirmations are just the starting point in the accomplishment of these outcomes. Along with these, you should be working to take action on what you are speaking in your affirmations. Without action in your life, you will not quite see the same outcomes.

Speaking positivity into your life will help bring positive outcomes. This positivity affects the way in which you interact with the world around you and eventually how the world will interact with you because of your interactions. You will also see more of the positivity in your life which will then add to your mindset. You can accomplish incredible things in your life with this routine practice of affirmations.

As stated, affirmations are not to be practiced once and disposed of. It takes a while for a seed to bear fruit. This is all about taking your current mindset and turning it into something of positivity. This will take time depending on where you are currently in your thought process. Though affirmations will start to take hold when you set goals that you want to accomplish with them and start to see the positive benefits of doing this. This is also why writing them in a journal or diary along with your goals will help you visualize them and what you want to accomplish in your life. Writing them down will make them real and will continuously remind you to practice these and reflect on them in your daily life.


Affirmations: Confidence

Use these affirmations in your daily routine as a way to speak positivity into the actions that you will take in improving your confidence. As you progress, you can begin to customize these affirmations to your own situation in order to speak more personally on your affirmations.

  1. I can be confident.
  2. I can improve my confidence.
  3. I can work on my confidence.
  4. I can attract confidence.
  5. I can obtain confidence.
  6. I can take action to become more confident.
  7. I am confident.
  8. I am able to improve my confidence.
  9. I am able to work on my confidence.
  10. I am able to attract confidence.
  11. I am able to obtain confidence.
  12. I am able to take action to become more confident.
  13. I have the ability to be confident.
  14. I have the ability to improve my confidence.
  15. I have the ability to work on my confidence.
  16. I have the ability to attract confidence.
  17. I have the ability to obtain confidence.
  18. I have the ability to take action to become more confident.
  19. I will be confident.
  20. I will improve my confidence.
  21. I will work on my confidence.
  22. I will attract confidence.
  23. I will obtain confidence.
  24. I will take action to become more confident.
  25. Confidence comes easy to me.
  26. Confidence is easy to obtain.
  27. Confidence will come in time.
  28. Confidence is attracted to me.
  29. Confidence will bring me success.
  30. Confidence is what I want.
  31. Confidence will bring me more.
  32. Confidence is important to me.



Routine for Affirmations on Confidence

As specified, having a journal or diary will help you to visualize and realize your affirmations and goals that you want to accomplish from this. It will also help you in establishing a routine for your affirmations which is incredibly important to the success of your goals and outcomes that you seek from this. Confidence especially is a journey in trying to improve. It will not happen overnight, but by setting goals in your life to improve your confidence along with setting affirmations to support those goals in your daily life, you can accomplish those goals.

Start the night before by choosing the affirmations that you want to practice the next day. This takes the decision making process out of the following day when you wake up and are less likely to begin practicing if you have to immediately think and make a decision on your affirmations. By eliminating this decision making process, you improve your success in that day to practice those affirmations and to set a routine around this process. When you wake up, immediately refer to your journal or diary and practice your affirmations. Write down your thoughts and goals for the day to keep them top of mind throughout the day.

Use the same process throughout your day whenever you feel you need to refer to your affirmations and goals. Write down thoughts and feelings throughout the day where you may find improvements and what made you feel that way or triggers that you may find you slip and why. You can then use these notes to reflect on at the end of the day when you can continue to practice your affirmations. By reflecting on your thoughts and feelings at the end of the day, you can put that day to rest and get everything off of your mind. This will allow you to prepare for the following day and get a good night’s rest.

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