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Positive thoughts bring positive results. These thoughts can become manifested in your life if you practice them. Affirmations will help you to breed those positive thoughts and manifest them into your life. If you work to speak these thoughts into truth, you will bring with it the results. The idea behind this is that you are working towards something you truly believe each and every day. You are speaking truth into what you want your future to bring. Affirmations are just a starting point in your journey to bringing positive results. Action is required to manifest these into your life. However, affirmations will remind you each and every day what you are working towards. With this constant reminder and positive thinking, you will be building to it one step at a time. If money is something you want to work towards, there are affirmations for money that you can practice on a daily basis that will bring with it positive results.


Money Affirmations

These affirmations will breed positive thoughts into your mind, body, and soul and set you on a path to accomplishing what you wish to achieve. Choose one or multiple that speak to you the most or you feel that you need the most. Decide how you will be practicing these affirmations and what your end goals are with these affirmations. Writing these goals down will keep your eyes on what you want to accomplish with these affirmations. What do you want your positive thoughts to manifest? And what actions must you take in order to get to your final goals.

Remember that affirmations are a great starting point to begin the positive thinking and to yield positive results. The rest of the steps to get to accomplishing your goals requires action. Use these money affirmations to bring positive thoughts towards money in your life.

  1. Money comes easily to me.
  2. Money is attracted to me.
  3. Money will flow into my life.
  4. Money is abundant.
  5. Money will pour into my life.
  6. Money is all around me.
  7. Money is a tool I can wield.
  8. Money does not control me.
  9. Money is in my bank account.
  10. Money loves me.
  11. Money is positive.
  12. Money is positivity.
  13. Money deserves me.
  14. Money is my servant.
  15. My bank account has money.
  16. I am deserving of money.
  17. I am becoming rich.
  18. I am rich.
  19. I am grateful for the money that I have.
  20. I am grateful for the money that I will have.
  21. I am grateful for money.
  22. I have money.
  23. I have more money than I need.
  24. I have no negative energy towards money.
  25. I have only positive energy towards money.
  26. I have no fear around money.
  27. Having money is positive.
  28. I deserve money.
  29. I attract money.
  30. I accept money.
  31. I control money.
  32. I will earn more money.
  33. I will achieve my money goals.
  34. I will achieve my money goals.
  35. I will have more money than I need.
  36. I will have money to achieve my goals.
  37. I believe that I will be rich.
  38. I believe that I will have money.
  39. I believe more money is coming to me.
  40. I can achieve my money goals.
  41. I can accomplish my money goals.
  42. I can earn more money.
  43. I can manage money.
  44. I can use money positively.
  45. I can change the world with money.
  46. I can be a positive influence with money.
  47. I can use money to improve my life.
  48. I can use money to improve my family’s life.
  49. I can use money to improve my friend’s life.
  50. I can use money to improve my significant other’s life.
  51. I can use money to create a better life.
  52. I can use money wisely.

If you want more affirmations beyond just money, such as wealth, education, career, or many others, be sure to browse our lists of affirmations that may suite you.




Routine for Affirmations: Money

Affirmations are a practice of using positive thinking to manifest into reality. There is no doubt that positive thoughts that take root into your mind, body, and soul tend to bring with it positive results. The difficulty can be to get that seed to germinate. If the seed does not begin to grow, then it will not eventually bear the fruit you need to keep your positive thoughts continuing. That is why affirmations need to be practiced on a consistent and regular basis. Practicing positive thoughts one day and forgetting about it the next will not yield the results you are looking for. Affirmations not only bring positive results because of the positive thinking being attractive, but also because if practiced consistently and diligently reminds you of what you are working towards and what your goals are.

Because of this, it is important to create a system that allows you to remain consistent. This is where having a journal or diary with you to be able to write down your affirmation and remind you at the beginning and end of the day what your affirmations are. It is at this time of the day that you can practice your money affirmations, especially at the beginning of the day.

Whether you are looking for work, beginning a new job, starting your own business, or have been working a job for a long time, the beginning of the day is the best time for your money affirmations. This allows you to prime yourself for the day and prepare yourself for any difficulties and challenges you may face and overcome. If you practice this at the beginning of the day, you are reminding yourself why you are doing what you are doing and what your goal is. Ultimately, your money affirmation is a goal you want to reach and it is an outcome of your hard work or other unexpected money affirmation that you are seeking.

Throughout the day if you hit any struggles or challenges and need to practice your affirmations for money, then it never hurts to be reminded what it is you are practicing on that specific day with a pocket journal or diary. Alternatively, notes in your phone will work just as well but using your own hand and writing utensil seems to be more real.

At the end of the day, you can then wrap up by finalizing your thoughts on the day and recap what you have accomplished and what you need to accomplish next. It is at this time that you can decide which money affirmation you will focus on for tomorrow or if you will continue with the money affirmation that you have been focusing on. The choice is yours and there are no rules to how many or how often you decide to change your affirmations. Different times in your life will yield different affirmations in order to help you through times in your life.

Affirmations are not necessarily goals. Goals will help you keep yourself focused on what you want to achieve in your life. Affirmations will help with your positive thinking in manifesting positive outcomes in your life towards achieving your goals. Action is definitely required in order to move yourself to the accomplishment of your goals, as positive thinking will only get you so far. Action is just as important, but action in combination with affirmations can help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.

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