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Sometimes we need a little positivity to help us through times in our lives in many different aspects. Our mind, body, and soul know when we speak positively. This positive talk helps to change the way in which we can interact with the world around us and in turn how the world interacts back. Positive affirmations can help in many different aspects of our lives, and love is one of those aspects that can drastically change with some positive words. If you practice these love affirmations, you can continuously improve yourself from one day to the next.


Affirmations About Love

Love is an important aspect of living a fulfilled life. We all have love to give and receive. There is no exception to that. However, love is not easy. But nothing worthwhile is easy.

Affirmations for love will start to speak truth into your life. These affirmations, when practiced routinely, will start to attract what you are speaking. They are meant to be used to change your attitude towards a certain aspect in your life. In this case, they can help you with love. To be loved and to be a better lover. Both important aspects that we can always be working on.

Finding a soulmate can be a difficult endeavor. Love affirmations are the start of that journey to begin to speak to yourself positively. This will change the way in which you see yourself and in turn how others will see you. It will help you in your everyday life in areas that you may lack or believe that you lack. You will find positivity attracted to you.

These love affirmations are meant as an initial step in changing any negativity you have around love and are not meant to entice someone to love you. They are meant to first change yourself in order to change the world around you. It is in this initial journey of using these affirmations that you will see yourself begin to become more positive around love and love will then find you. It is not about seeking love desperately, but instead attracting love passively.

Affirmations are about baby steps and changing your thought process. Actions are important as well and are the next step in the process. Positive thoughts followed by the actions required to attract positive outcomes are what change your life. Positive affirmations alone will not bring with it the results that you wish. These actions could be introspection or some sort of way in which you can reflect on yourself and the life that you live. Using affirmations in your daily life is a powerful tool to accomplishing what you want to achieve in your life.


Affirmations for Love

Love is such an important part of our lives as loving creatures on this Earth. We can have such a major impact in the life of those we love and vice versa. Practicing affirmations for love is a great start in your own life to then take and act upon in your life to then attract positive results in your love life. These are some love affirmations that you can practice in your life to start your journey. They are not limited to this and you will find that as you get comfortable with these affirmations, you can begin to alter them to suit your own life.

  1. I love.
  2. I am loving.
  3. I am loved.
  4. I am attracted to love.
  5. I am looking for love and I will find it.
  6. I am capable of giving love.
  7. I am capable of love.
  8. I am capable of loving.
  9. I am capable of being loved.
  10. I am worthy of love.
  11. I am worthy of loving.
  12. I can be loved.
  13. I can love.
  14. I can find love.
  15. I can love more.
  16. I can accept love.
  17. I will find my soulmate.
  18. I will find love.
  19. I have love.
  20. I have a loving partner.
  21. I have a loving heart.
  22. Love is attracted to me.
  23. Love will find me.
  24. Love is patient.
  25. Love is kind.
  26. Love is easy.
  27. My soulmate will find me.



When to Practice These Affirmations of Love

Affirmations are meant to become a routine in your life. They are meant to help you throughout the day whenever you may be struggling in a certain point of time. There are definitely times when we need to speak to ourselves to help to hold ourselves up. Times when negativity may become overwhelming and we need to come back to some words that we can speak some positivity into our lives. This is when positive affirmations will help you the most. Having a notebook or a pocket book that can be carried around at all times with your daily affirmation written in it to practice will help you reaffirm your affirmations. Any time during the day you can also take notes on times when you needed to think about your affirmation and how it helped you throughout the day. Writing these down will not only get thoughts out of your head and onto paper, but also help you refer to them in the future if you ever needed to.

Affirmations should always be written as well as spoken. This is why having a journal or diary of some sort to write the affirmation of the day that you are focusing on can come in handy in your journey. At the beginning of the day (or even the night before), choosing a love affirmation to focus on and writing it into your journal will set you up for the day ahead. It will help you to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Any time during the day, you can always refer back to your journal or diary.

At night, you can finalize your thoughts of the day writing down things that happened and how your affirmation helped. Or you can conclude on how there may have been struggles and what affirmations would have helped. You can then focus on a new affirmation for the following day to help you through those thoughts and feelings that you may be struggling with. This constant work ethic to using affirmations in your life and evaluating your day will help you in many different aspects of your life, including your love life.

Affirmations are a daily practice. Not a one and done thing. You will not begin to see changes in your life in one day after you choose an affirmation. They require persistence and consistency. Only then will you begin to see changes taking part in your life and how speaking positivity will bring with it positive results in your life.

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