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Health is unquestionably the most important thing in our own life. It is something that when we have our health, we do not think too much about it. However, when it is taken away from us we then become reactionary and try to get our health back in good form. There are things that we can do on a daily basis in our lives to help with our health. We can exercise and eat well to ensure that we are taking care of our bodies well. We can also take care of our mind through positive affirmations about health. This can be a starting point in your health journey or it can be added on top of your already healthy lifestyle in order to benefit from positivity and speaking truth into your life. With these positive affirmations for health, you will begin that journey.


Affirmations on Health

Using affirmations will help to bring a positive message into existence through your persistent and consistent practicing of the chosen affirmations. This same practice can be used in being a healthy person. Your mind, body, and soul know when your bringing negative messages into your thoughts. This will affect you considerably and it will transfer through to your entire life, especially in health. Positivity will breed incredible things including good health into existence, but it should definitely not be relied upon to do that. It is one step in a road to improving your health or an added step in keeping your health.

There is no time like today to begin speaking positivity into your health and wellbeing in your life. Using positive affirmations about health will breed positive thoughts into your mind which will be felt through your entire body. It will help the way in which you interact with the world. Focusing on positive affirmations on health will keep yourself thinking about the important things in your health and how to maintain that health for the long term. Being consistent with these affirmations will no doubt continue to affect the way that you interact with the world around you and the health that it brings into your life. When you affect the way you interact with the world, the world in turn affects the way in which it interacts with you. This is the power of positive affirmations and how it can apply to your health.

Using positive affirmations to affect your health is just a starting point. Your actions are just as important and we are trying to affect those actions with these affirmations. You cannot only rely on them to completely change your health. Especially something as important and multi-faceted as health. These affirmations can be relied on to affect your thought process around health and to attract positive consequences of positive thinking. You will find that with positivity brings positive outcomes, especially when these affirmations are practiced routinely.

Routine is important with any affirmations that you want to speak into existence. This routine can be established in a journal or diary in which you can focus on your chosen daily affirmation. Using this method, you can continuously remind yourself on your affirmation, as well as the intended goal or outcome that you desire from that affirmation. By putting this into writing, you are working towards manifestation of these affirmations.


Affirmations: Health

Below is a list of affirmations for health that you can choose from to begin to practice regularly. As you become more comfortable with them, you can begin to alter them or customize them to your own life in order to be more effective with the wording and what you want to accomplish as an outcome.

  1. I am health.
  2. I am healthy.
  3. I am worthy of health.
  4. I am capable of good health.
  5. I am capable of making healthy choices.
  6. I am capable of becoming healthy.
  7. I am a healthy being.
  8. I attract good health.
  9. I attract healthy choices.
  10. I have good health.
  11. I have my health.
  12. I have the ability to be healthy.
  13. I have the ability to make healthy choices.
  14. I will have good health.
  15. I will get healthy.
  16. I will be healthy.
  17. I can have good health.
  18. I can be healthy.
  19. I can make healthy decisions in my life.
  20. I can continue to be healthy.
  21. I can continue to make healthy choices.
  22. I can eliminate unhealthy choices from my life.
  23. I can overcome unhealthy choices.
  24. My body will be healthy.
  25. My body is capable of being healthy.
  26. My body can heal itself.
  27. My body can be healthy.
  28. Health is attracted to me.



Routine for Affirmations of Health

Much like your health, practicing affirmations is a daily practice. It is all about influencing your mind, body, and soul into positivity and attracting positivity. It is not something that you can just practice once and be disappointed the next day when it did not manifest. This is something that requires a routine that you can continuously practice and put the plan into motion to achieve your intended outcome. It requires persistence and consistency. It also requires that you act on it as well. Affirmations will not do all of the work for you and you need to focus on your outcome or goal that you want to achieve and how you can achieve it.

This is why a journal or diary can be extremely helpful in practicing affirmations. It will allow you to keep that goal top of mind from the beginning of the day to the end. You can focus on a single goal and have several chosen affirmations to support that goal. Or you can have several goals with affirmations associated with each of them. The fewer affirmations you focus on in one day will help you remain on track without needing to constantly refer to your journal or diary.

End the day by choosing affirmations that you can focus on the following day keeping the goal or outcome you are focusing on in mind. This will allow you to wake up the following morning and begin to practice that affirmation immediately. You can then continue with your journal or diary noting how you feel in the morning and how the affirmation immediately affected you. Then continue through the day and take note of any time you thought about the affirmation, what triggered it, and how you feel before and after.

You can then end the day by coming back to your journal and diary and reviewing the day. Finalize some notes and continue by repeating the steps at the beginning. This will help you set a routine with your affirmations while also focusing in on what is important. You can always refer back to previous notes to see trends that are forming and what helps you most with these affirmations. Focus on the positive moments that these affirmations bring and continue to attract moving forward.

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