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Finding work can be challenging. Especially a job that really speaks to you. One that challenges you to be better and continuously grow, while establishing relationships that are fruitful, and seeing success in your career. There is no doubt several ups and downs that you will experience on your path to find a new job. Job interviews that you schedule in and may find yourself getting nervous about or numerous applications that you send out with no response. All of these are difficult to move through day after day on your way to finally finding that right job for you. However, you can use the time as you search for a job to work on yourself continually and trying to be the best you that you can be. Using affirmations will not only help with this, but also help in your search for a new job.


Affirmations for a New Job

Affirmations can be extremely powerful in bringing positivity into your life. By practicing them, you can speak truth into your life through the words that you choose. If you continuously find yourself focusing on the negative aspects of your life or situations and consequences that are not coming to fruition in your life, perhaps using positive affirmations will bring with it positive results. As you practice these affirmations, you will find that the way in which you interact with the world will change and you will start to see positive outcomes coming from your actions and the world will interact back with you in a positive way.

These affirmations will plant a seed in your mind, body, and soul that will continue to grow as long as you nurture it by practicing them. It will eventually bear fruit, but it may take some time to see that come to fruition. Affirmations will help to re-wire your thought process and to focus on the positivity in your life. By doing so, positive outcomes will be attracted to you. This can be applied to finding a new job.

Finding a new job also requires action. Affirmations will not get you all the way to the finish line in achieving your goal. They are there to support you in the actions that are required and to help you through difficult times. They will, along with actions, attract positive outcomes that require you to then take action on to further yourself to where you need to be in achieving your goal. All of this requires continual effort in order to achieve what you wish.

By writing down your goals and affirmations and setting a routine around your practice, you can ensure the best success for yourself in achieving the outcome you want. Writing down these also helps to visualize what you want in your life. The goal may be the job that you want or it could just be a starting point to get to the job that you want. The more specific that you can be with your goal setting, the more specific your affirmations can be to support that goal. Just remember that just because you do not get offered the exact position that you want for your new job does not mean that you should give up practicing your affirmations and goal setting. That position may just be a stepping stone to eventually getting the job that you want.


Affirmations for Getting a Job

  1. I can get a job.
  2. I can find a job.
  3. I can have a job.
  4. I can create a job.
  5. I can find my dream job.
  6. I can attract a job.
  7. I can be a valuable team member.
  8. I am able to get a job.
  9. I am worthy of having a job.
  10. I am a valuable team member.
  11. I am able to find a job.
  12. I am able to find my dream job.
  13. I am able to create a job.
  14. I am able to attract a job.
  15. I am a valuable team member.
  16. I have the ability to get a job.
  17. I have the ability to be a valuable team member.
  18. I have the ability to find my dream job.
  19. I have the ability to attract a job.
  20. I have the ability to create a job.
  21. I have the ability to find a job.
  22. I will get a job.
  23. I will find a job.
  24. I will have a job.
  25. I will create a job.
  26. I will find my dream job.
  27. I will attract a job.
  28. I will be a valuable team member.
  29. Getting a job is easy for me.
  30. Getting a job is important to me.
  31. Jobs are attracted to me.
  32. Jobs will find me.
  33. The right job will present itself to me.
  34. My dream job will be available.



Routines for Practicing Affirmations to Get a Job

Using these affirmations will help you take the actions necessary to achieve positive outcomes in finding a job that is perfect for you, your dream job, or even a job that is a stepping stone to the perfect job. They do require consistent practicing. They are not to be used once and then be disappointed that they did not work. They require dedication in order to continually work on your personal growth and to achieve the goals in your career that you want to achieve.

By using a journal or a diary, you can work to establish a routine in your life while also writing down your goals and affirmations to make them real and to provide you with a visual. This is an important step in practicing your affirmations and to achieve the goals that you want. Practicing your affirmations daily begins at night when you can choose the affirmations that you want to focus on the following day. Write these down. This will take the decision making process out of the following morning and improve the likelihood of you waking up and immediately practicing your affirmations especially when first starting out.

When you wake up, open your journal or diary and begin practicing the affirmations that you chose. Believe in the words that you speak and write down the actions that you want to take on that specific day in order to work towards achieving your goals. Take notes on your thoughts and feelings that morning as well to get them out on a piece of paper. You can then continue this process throughout the day. Write down things that worked well in your day and aspects of your day that required you to refer to your affirmations.

You can then reflect on all of these thoughts and feelings at the end of your day by writing down final notes for your day at night. This will help you reflect on the events of the day and to put them to rest so that you are note continually thinking about them while you are trying to rest. You can then set the affirmations for the following day and write down any actions you need to take tomorrow that you have already thought of. Whatever routine works best for you in working towards your goals is the best routine to set and work towards.

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