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The world is full of abundance. It may not seem that way depending on where you are in your life and how your mindset is interpreting the world around you. But it is true. You just have to reach out and grab it. Obtaining it will take time, it is not something that will come into your life immediately as soon as you want it. It requires dedication and consistent action to work towards. That action can be difficult to do day in and day out. There will be challenges and setbacks on your journey towards abundance. But it is achievable. As long as you think it is. This is where affirmations will help you along the way to abundance. It will help your thought process and feelings in rewiring your thinking while affecting your actions that need to be taken.


Affirmations of Abundance

You can have an abundant life. Everything you want, you can pursue. It all requires the action necessary and the setting of goals to accomplish. Unfortunately our thoughts tend to get in our own way. We enter a downward spiral of negativity if something happens that sets us off the path that we want to take. This makes us focus more on what is going wrong and what we do not have. Yet what is required is we continue to take action towards the goal that we want to accomplish while remaining positive. This is definitely much more difficult to do rather than just packing up and moving towards the negativity. However, nothing in life worth doing is easy. It all takes difficult and challenging actions in order to accomplish important things in life. Abundance is no different.

If your thoughts are negative, so to will the world around you. As you surround yourself with negativity, you interact with the world with that same negativity which will affect the way in which the world will interact with you. This adds to that downward spiral as you look at yourself as a victim with no control of your life and look to others that have what you want as perpetrators of that. However, by shifting your mindset around your life and taking accountability, you can really assume control of your life and move it in the direction that you want. Towards abundance.

So how do you change your mindset if you are already on this downward spiral of negativity? You use positive affirmations to plant a seed into your mind, body, and soul. With time and being dedicated to your affirmations, that seed will begin to sprout and eventually bear fruit in your life. This fruit are the goals that you want to achieve in your life. By speaking positively into your life, you will attract positive outcomes. You will change the way in which you interact with the world and in turn the world will interact differently with you. You will look to the positivity in any scenario and this will all help you continue to take the necessary actions in order to accomplish your goals in life.

Goal setting is a major aspect of this. Affirmations alone will not get you to abundance. This requires action and a plan to reach those goals. By writing down your goals, you will make them real and help you to visualize what it is that you want. With this goal set, you can break it down into micro goals that are much more achievable so you can continue to celebrate the small wins along the way and not get discouraged along your pursuit to abundance. You can then use affirmations to surround the actions required to accomplish these micro goals and support you along the way to remain on the path towards abundance.


Affirmations: Abundance

  1. I can have abundance.
  2. I can pursue abundance.
  3. I can find abundance.
  4. I can choose abundance.
  5. I can attract abundance.
  6. I can embrace abundance.
  7. I can enjoy abundance.
  8. I can achieve abundance.
  9. I am abundant.
  10. I am able to pursue abundance.
  11. I am able to find abundance.
  12. I am able to choose abundance.
  13. I am able to attract abundance.
  14. I am able to embrace abundance.
  15. I am able to enjoy abundance.
  16. I am able to achieve abundance.
  17. I have abundance.
  18. I have the ability to pursue abundance.
  19. I have the ability to find abundance.
  20. I have the ability to choose abundance.
  21. I have the ability to attract abundance.
  22. I have the ability to embrace abundance.
  23. I have the ability to enjoy abundance.
  24. I have the ability to achieve abundance.
  25. I will have abundance.
  26. I will pursue abundance.
  27. I will find abundance.
  28. I will choose abundance.
  29. I will attract abundance.
  30. I will embrace abundance.
  31. I will enjoy abundance.
  32. I will achieve abundance.
  33. Abundance is important to me.
  34. Abundance is attracted to me.
  35. Abundance is a priority to me.
  36. Abundance is everywhere in my life.
  37. Abundance is easy to obtain.
  38. Abundance is achievable.
  39. Abundance is within my grasp.



Routine for Practicing Abundance Affirmations

Routines are important with practicing affirmations. Remaining consistent and dedicated to practicing them on a daily routine will help you to support yourself through the challenges and struggles along the way. No life is without those difficulties. But if you can remain positive along the way with any action required, you can accomplish incredible things while attracting more positivity into your life. This consistent dedication to your affirmations will also translate into a skill towards the actions you will need to take towards abundance.

Using a journal or diary will help you to establish this routine in your life. Writing down your goals and the affirmations that you will use to support you along the way is an important step as previously discussed. This begins at night when you can set an action plan for the following day and the affirmations you will practice the following day. This will take the thought process out of the following morning when you are less likely to put in the added effort to do this. Instead, you can wake up in the morning and without thought begin to practice your affirmations and take action on your day. This will prevent inaction and procrastination from achieving your goals.

Throughout the day, you can continue to take notes on the actions that you take, the things that you accomplish, as well as the setbacks that you experience and your thoughts and feelings that surround your day. This will help you at night when you can reflect on the day and conclude it. Finalize your day by writing in your journal or diary and reflect on everything. This will help you conclude that day and put it behind you for good, clearing your mind and preparing you for a good night’s sleep. You can then repeat the routine by setting the action plan for the next day and the affirmations that you will practice. By doing this, you are setting yourself up for success towards achieving abundance in your life.

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