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Careers are an incredibly important part of our lives and satisfaction that we get out of life. Everyone wants to have success in their working lives as it consumes such a large portion of their lives. With a minimum of eight hours a day being consumed at least five days a week in a career, and sometimes much more than this, that is a third of your day and about a half of your waking hours dedicated to our career during the week. This is why having a fulfilling career is so important to your overall well-being. Though it does not come easy. There will always be ups and downs in your career and at times you will need to work harder than ever to continue to advance. But when your career is fulfilling, those actions are easier to take and those ups and downs are easier to withstand. One thing that will also help you along the way is dedicating a small portion of your day towards practicing positive affirmations.


Positive Career Affirmations

Positive affirmations are powerful words that you can use to speak into existence. They will help to bring positive outcomes in your life if you are willing to commit to a routine of affirmations, goal setting, and reflection. It is not easy to stick to a routine, but nothing in life worth doing is easy. That is the same in your career. There will be times when it is not easy. But that is what makes it so worthwhile. It is what will help you to continuously grow in our career and in many other aspects of your life.

Speaking to yourself positively will bring positive outcomes in your life. As you speak positively into your life and your career, you will find that you interact in your everyday life in a positive way. This will change the way in which the world then interacts with you. This can be massively impactful in something like your career as you most likely deal with people and other situations that you cannot control. But remaining positive to those around you and the situations around you help to attract positive outcomes in your career and your life.

Affirmations help to instill that positivity into your mind, body, and soul. Though they are not meant to be the only thing that you do in order to achieve your career aspirations. You need to set goals and take action towards achieving those goals. Without this, affirmations will not take shape or form in your life. Affirmations are meant as a support in your life to help you through difficulties or to help you through times where you need the help the most. Goals should be written down so as to visualize what you want to achieve and to make it real while affirmations should also be written down to support those goals and to help with your mindset around the actions required.

Affirmations are not meant to be practiced once and disposed of. They require consistent dedication in practicing to achieve what you want them to. Having positive career advancements also requires that same consistency and dedication. Affirmations help to build that consistency and dedication that you may be lacking in your life while building yourself up to prepare yourself for the positive outcomes that they will bring in your life.


Affirmations: Career

Use these affirmations to help guide you in success towards your career and accomplishing your goals. As you continue, try to customize these affirmations to become more personal and to speak into the goals that you want to achieve.

  1. I can be successful in my career.
  2. I can have a successful career.
  3. I can continue to grow my career.
  4. I can continue to be successful in my career.
  5. I can build my career.
  6. I can attract success in my career.
  7. I am successful in my career.
  8. I am able to have a successful career.
  9. I am able to continue to grow my career.
  10. I am able to continue to be successful in my career.
  11. I am able to build my career.
  12. I am able to attract success in my career.
  13. I have the ability to be successful in my career.
  14. I have the ability to have a successful career.
  15. I have the ability to continue to grow my career.
  16. I have the ability to continue to be successful in my career.
  17. I have the ability to build my career.
  18. I have the ability to attract success in my career.
  19. I will be successful in my career.
  20. I will have a successful career.
  21. I will continue to grow my career.
  22. I will continue to be successful in my career.
  23. I will build my career.
  24. I will attract success in my career.
  25. My career is growing.
  26. My career will continue to grow.
  27. My career is positive.
  28. Success will guide my career.
  29. Success will grow my career.
  30. My career is just getting started.



Routine for Practicing Career Affirmations

Routines are incredibly important to practicing affirmations and to see successful outcomes with your affirmations, especially in career success. Routines help to build the habits necessary to be successful in your career. Setting out a positive habit and routine around practicing your affirmations will not only help in that routine and habit building that a career requires, but will also prepare yourself for that career success that you wish to achieve.

The best way to establish this routine is to write down the goals or outcomes you hope to achieve. These should be measurable and achievable. If the goal is a large one, then perhaps break it down into multiple micro goals so that you can see your progress. Write them in a journal or diary that you can continuously reflect on for your progress. You can then choose affirmations to support those career goals. Choose affirmations that you feel speak to you the most and will help you mindset the most. What do you feel you are lacking in your life that may be limiting your success. Craft an affirmation to support that.

Choose your affirmation the night prior so that you have nothing to think about when you wake up the following day. This allows you to jump right into practicing your affirmations when you wake up. The less you have to think about in the morning, the more likely you will be to stick to the routine that you are trying to establish. Write down your thoughts and feelings from the morning, as well as an action plan for the day ahead. Having your affirmations and goals written down also allows you to continuously refer to them throughout the day if you need to. It helps to keep things in perspective if something happens in the day. You can also continue to take notes on your day as it progresses including any difficulties or successes you achieve.

At the end of the day, you can then reflect on all of your notes and the day behind you. You can wrap up your thoughts and put the day behind you for good without needing to be consumed by your feelings around it. This will help clear your mind for a good night’s rest. It will also help you to think about your action plan for the following day and choose the affirmations you would like to continue to practice in that following day. Whatever routine works best for you and you think you can stick with for the long term, work with that.

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