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Creativity is something that tends to come in waves even with the most creative of us. It is difficult to remain consistently creative over a long period of time and to display that creativity with completed projects. It is also something that can be difficult to find. If you are wondering which avenue to pursue to show off your creativity, where do you even start? How do you find your inner creative side? This is something that takes a lot of experimentation and can show itself in the least likely setting. You may not even know that you are creative. But everyone has something that they can excel at and pursue as a creative endeavor. Finding that takes action. To support those actions and to keep your eyes on the goal, affirmations will help along the way.


Creativity Affirmations

Affirmations are a tool to use in order to take action and keep your goal top of mind while speaking positivity into your life and attracting that positivity back. This can be used to become more creative, to exercise your creativity, or to find your creativity. Whatever it is that you are hoping to accomplish, affirmations will help support you along the way. By speaking these words into your life, they will become true as they shift your mind, body, and soul towards positivity. This positivity will help you attract positivity in the world around you and help you to overcome the challenges of your life. As you begin to interact with the world around you more positively, the world will interact back with you in a positive way. This never-ending cycle will feed into your life more positive outcomes. It all starts with affirmations.

Affirmations are not meant to be practiced once and thrown away when you do not get the results that you want. It takes time, dedication, and consistency in order to see the results of your affirmations be realized in your life. With that dedication to them, you will also be practicing that same dedication in your pursuit of creativity or creative endeavors. This is a skill that you are honing with the practicing of affirmations that you will see affect other areas of your life in a positive way.

However, affirmations are not the only tool to be used in being able to find your creativity. They are a starting point, used to support the actions that you need to take in order to accomplish your goals. This all begins with setting a goal that you want to accomplish and breaking that goal into micro goals that you know are achievable. This will allow you to continue your journey along the way to you main goal without becoming discouraged or overwhelmed along the way. In order to achieve these micro goals, you will need to take action. These actions can be outlined on a daily basis and affirmations can be built around these actions to help you along the way.

Writing your goals, actions, and affirmations down will help you to visualize them and make them real in your life. It will keep what is important and what you should be focusing on top of mind so that you do not forget what you are working towards. Affirmations practiced daily will help you support you through the actions that you need to take on a daily basis. There will be times that are challenging or you will have difficult actions that you need to take in order to accomplish your goals. Affirmations will help to speak positivity into your life and around these actions to make them easier to complete.


Affirmations: Creativity

Use this list of affirmations to begin your creative journey and pursuit. As you progress, you will be able to customize these to suit your needs and to ensure your personal growth.

  1. I can be creative.
  2. I can express my creativity.
  3. I can embrace my creativity.
  4. I can show my creativity.
  5. I can display my creativity.
  6. I can use my creativity.
  7. I am creative.
  8. I am able to express my creativity.
  9. I am able to embrace my creativity.
  10. I am able to show my creativity.
  11. I am able to display my creativity.
  12. I am able to use my creativity.
  13. I have the ability to be creative.
  14. I have the ability to express my creativity.
  15. I have the ability to embrace my creativity.
  16. I have the ability to show my creativity.
  17. I have the ability to display my creativity.
  18. I have the ability to use my creativity.
  19. I am creative.
  20. I am able to express my creativity.
  21. I am able to embrace my creativity.
  22. I am able to show my creativity.
  23. I am able to display my creativity.
  24. I am able to use my creativity.
  25. Creativity surrounds me.
  26. Creativity is important to me.
  27. Creativity is attracted to me.
  28. Creativity is a priority.
  29. Being creative allows me to be free.
  30. Being creative allows me to express myself.
  31. Showing my creativity is freeing.
  32. Showing my creativity reduces my stress.
  33. Showing my creativity reduces my anxiety.



Routine for Practicing Affirmations of Creativity

Routine is important for anything you wish to accomplish. If you are not creating a routine around what you want to work towards in your life, you will lose sight of what your goal is. You want to set your goals and write them down in a journal or diary so that they are real and you can visualize them. Breaking them into micro goals will then create an action plan that you can work towards completing as a stepping stone towards your main goal. Each and every day, you can write down your affirmations and actions that you need to take in order to get one step closer to that main goal.

This begins the night prior. Write down the actions you need to take the following day and choose the affirmations for that day as well. Write them all down so that when you wake up the following morning, you can begin to practice your affirmations and take action in that day without any thought. This removes any possibility of inaction for that day due to overwhelming thoughts in the morning or procrastination. By establishing your day the night prior, you are already on the right foot in the morning the following day.

As you progress through the day, take notes on your day. Write down your accomplishments and setbacks that you experienced. Your thoughts and feelings surrounding these actions that you took throughout the day. Focus also on the positivity that you see in your life, especially surrounding those actions and goals that you have set for yourself. At the end of the day, you can reflect on your day and conclude it with summarizing your thoughts and continuing to practice your affirmations. This puts that day completely behind you and settles it as you can get a good rest with a clear mind for the following day with your actions and affirmations set.

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