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Productivity is key to tackling the action plan of our day and to eventually achieve the goals we set for ourselves. However, remaining productive day in and day out can be extremely difficult. There are numerous variables that can decrease our productivity on any given day and that can lead to us feeling less and less motivated to completing the tasks that we need. This causes a downward spiral as procrastination sets in and productivity halts to all time lows. There is no doubt that motivation plays a major factor in remaining productive. But so to does setting goals for yourself that are attainable within a set timeframe. In order to support that goal setting and the actions around them, affirmations can help to practice on a consistent basis as long as you can remain dedicated to a routine.


Productivity Affirmations

Remaining productive is a struggle for most. Especially when you have not set the goals in your life that you are working towards. Procrastination is powerful and takes hold of us to become sidetracked in achieving what we want out of life. This can happen easily when you are out of touch or do not have your goals that you want to accomplish top of mind. Without the end in mind or out of sight, you will lose track and lose focus on what is important to accomplish in any given day to move towards that end. This is easy to do and is where productivity comes to a halt.

Alternatively, productivity can come to a halt when we overwhelm ourselves. This could be cramming so many things into our day to complete and being demotivated when you do not complete the entire list causing further loss of productivity. This could also be the result of the previous day’s lack of productivity and so you are always playing catch up to make up for the previous day. Setting a goal will help you to remain focused on what is important and help you always have something to look towards on your journey in order to complete the actions required to get there.

This is why goal setting is so important in your life. You should set a goal for various aspects of your life to work towards, but break that goal up into micro goals that are measurable and achievable. These micro goals are important so as to not overwhelm yourself and to celebrate the accomplishments of your productivity along the way. Otherwise you can quickly overwhelm yourself and become less productive because of that overwhelm.

Affirmations will help you along the way to speak positivity into your life around the actions that are required in order to accomplish these micro goals and eventually the ultimate goal that you are working towards. Affirmations keep you focused on what is important in your life while remaining positive no matter what is happening in your current life. You will find that using affirmations to speak positivity into your life will bring positive outcomes with it. This is because these affirmations will change the way your mind, body, and soul interact with the world over time. This in turn changes the way in which the world interacts with you as you attract more positivity into your life.


Affirmations: Productivity

As you start your affirmation journey, you can choose from this list of basic affirmations to support your productivity habits. As you progress, work to customize these affirmations to your own life so you can speak more personally in your affirmations and have greater effect.

  1. I can be productive.
  2. I can be productive today.
  3. I can embrace productivity.
  4. I can remain productive.
  5. I can be consistently productive.
  6. I can be dedicated to productivity.
  7. I am productive.
  8. I am productive today.
  9. I am able to embrace productivity.
  10. I am able to remain productive.
  11. I am able to be consistently productive.
  12. I am able to be dedicated to productivity.
  13. I have the ability to be productive.
  14. I have the ability to be productive today.
  15. I have the ability to embrace productivity.
  16. I have the ability to remain productive.
  17. I have the ability to be consistently productive.
  18. I have the ability be dedicated to productivity.
  19. I will be productive.
  20. I will be productive today.
  21. I will embrace productivity.
  22. I will remain productive.
  23. I will be consistently productive.
  24. I will be dedicated to productivity.
  25. Productivity is important to me.
  26. Productivity will help me reach my goals.
  27. Productivity will help me take action.
  28. Productivity will help me take control of my life.
  29. Productivity is attracted to me.
  30. Productivity is a priority.
  31. Productivity is the key to success.
  32. Productivity will help me unlock success.



Routine for Practicing Affirmations for Procrastination

Affirmations are not meant to be practiced once and become disappointed that it did not bring with it the outcomes you hoped for. Affirmations are meant to be practiced consistently with dedication. Over time they will plant a seed of positivity into your mind, body, and soul that will eventually bear fruit. But that takes work as with anything worth value. No tree bears fruit in one day. It takes time and nurturing before that becomes the case. This is the action that is required in order to see the results of your dedication to affirmations. Affirmations themselves will not get you to the finish line.

Routine is important when establishing affirmations in your life. Using a journal or a diary, you can create this routine easily especially with the goals and actions required that you want to take in your life and to achieve. This all starts with establishing that goal that you want to achieve. You can then break that goal down into micro goals that you can celebrate their accomplishments along the way in order to increase that positivity in your life. You can then establish the actions required in order to achieve those micro goals day in and day out while choosing the affirmations that will work to support the actions that you need to take. These affirmations will help to support you along the journey while speaking positivity into your life.

This routine begins at night when you can choose the affirmations for the following day so that you can wake up the morning after without any thought and begin practicing your affirmations immediately. This sets you up for success in that day immediately by knowing which actions need to be taken to get you one step closer to your goal and the affirmations that will support you in that day. Especially if you easily succumb to inaction or procrastination, taking the few minutes at night to establish your following day will help you set this routine much easier.

Throughout the day, continue to take notes about your day. What happens, how you feel, what are your thoughts, what difficulties did you overcome, what difficulties did you struggle with, and what actions did you take to get you closer to your goals. These are all things that will help you reflect at the end of your day, conclude, and put to rest so that you can put the day behind you and get a good sleep. This is the best way to set a routine that you can stick to in practicing affirmations to accomplish your goals.

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