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You are worthy. Sometimes you just need to hear those words because things will happen in our lives that will overwhelm or even devastate us. At these times it can become difficult to tell yourself that you are worthy and your head noise becomes negative. This will put yourself in a downward spiral that becomes increasingly difficult to get out of. There are ways in which you can prevent this from happening. The best way is to put into place preventative measures when you are not feeling negative feelings or before something that overwhelms you happens. Unfortunately this is not always the time in which you may invest into self worth talk because things are going well. It is in the times where you are already overwhelmed that you then look for reactive measures to help yourself. The sooner you can begin to practice affirmations to help with your self worth talk, the sooner you will establish a foundation to which you can withstand the difficult times in your life. Regardless of where you are, affirmations will help you in improving your sense of self worth.


Self Worth Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool to improve your sense of self worth. They are not the only thing that you can apply to your life, but they are certainly an easy starting point in improving the positivity in your life and to help you through difficult times. Mental health is incredibly important and should not be left to deteriorate. If you feel your mental health is suffering, reach out to someone that you love or a professional to talk to. Though affirmations are excellent tools in your toolbox, they are not alone going to cure the difficulties in your life.

Affirmations will help to instill a seed of positivity into your mind, body, and soul. That seed needs to be nurtured consistently in order for it to one day grow and bear fruit in your life. They are not to be practiced once and throw away because nothing happened in your life. The idea for positive affirmations is to consistently practice them so that you can shift your mindset, especially your sense of self worth. With this shift, you will see more positivity coming into your life as the seed you nurtured bears fruit. As your mindset begins to shift and you truly believe the words that you speak into truth, they will become truth. You will find the way in which you interact with the world will change and in turn the way in which the world interacts with you will change. This change takes time, as well as action to achieve.

Affirmations will help you take that action to improve your life. It will help to create a positive frame around those difficult to take tasks in your day in order to improve your position. These tasks require action to take in order to improve your self worth over time. This is how affirmations will set you up for success in your life. Affirmations alone will note carry you to the finish line. They are the first steps along the way of improving your sense of self worth. Actions need to be taken and goals need to be set around your affirmations in order to achieve the outcome that you are looking for.

Affirmations require consistent dedication and establishing a routine in order to achieve the outcomes that you want. As with anything in life, nothing that is worthwhile is easy. Setting a routine and sticking to it can be difficult. But you can do it. Writing down your goals will make them real and help you visualize what it is that you want to achieve. Writing down your affirmations to support your goals will do the same and help you to reflect on what it is that you are achieving each and every day.


Affirmations: Self Worth

Use these affirmations of self worth to help you along the way. As you progress, you will find that it is necessary to customize these affirmations to your own personal situation and circumstance. This will help you in your journey to improving your sense of self worth.

  1. I am worthy.
  2. I am important.
  3. I am successful.
  4. I am the best that I can be.
  5. I am caring.
  6. I am loving.
  7. I am confident.
  8. I am creative.
  9. I am getting better.
  10. I am continuously working on myself.
  11. I am setting and achieving my goals.
  12. I can be worthy.
  13. I can be important.
  14. I can be successful.
  15. I can be the best that I can be.
  16. I can be caring.
  17. I can be loving.
  18. I can be confident.
  19. I can be creative.
  20. I can be getting better.
  21. I can be continuously working on myself.
  22. I can be setting and achieving my goals.
  23. I will be worthy.
  24. I will be important.
  25. I will be successful.
  26. I will be the best that I can be.
  27. I will be caring.
  28. I will be loving.
  29. I will be confident.
  30. I will be creative.
  31. I will be getting better.
  32. I will be continuously working on myself.
  33. I will be setting and achieving my goals.
  34. Self worth is important to me.



Routine for Practicing Affirmations About Self Worth

Setting a routine is important in being consistent and dedicated to affirmations. Especially for something as important as improving your self worth. If you can establish a routine around practicing your affirmations, this practice alone will set in motion the success needed to improve your self worth. That in and of itself is an accomplishment in your life. Routines are difficult to make. They are also difficult to break. The best way to accomplish setting a routine in your life is to write things down. This is why a journal or a diary is so important to have.

Writing down your goals and the affirmations that you want to support the actions required to achieve those goals will help in the visualization process as well as making it all real. This begins at night when you can set the affirmations that you want to practice the following day to support the actions needed. By doing this at night, you are preparing yourself for the day ahead and taking thought out of having to immediately make decisions about your day when you first wake up. Overwhelming yourself in the morning leads to inaction. We limit that inaction by preparing the night before. When you wake up, you can immediately practice your self worth affirmations in preparation for the day and write down any actions you need to take for that day along with your thoughts and feelings.

Throughout the day, revisit those actions and check mark your successes. Continue to practice your affirmations as needed and take notes on your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. What did you do that was successful? What did you struggle with? Why did you struggle with it? How can you improve that feeling moving forward? All of this note taking will help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings and continuously help you to control those thoughts and feelings that may hinder your sense of self worth.

At the end of the day, conclude your note taking and reflect on the day. Put it all behind you and focus on the successes of that day. This will help put your mind at ease and prepare you for a good night’s rest. Everyone is worthwhile and you are no different. You are able to accomplish incredible things in your life and this is just a starting point in that journey.

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