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Sleep is incredibly important to our overall mental health and health. It is what rejuvenates us after a hard day. It is a time for our bodies to rest and heal itself. It is also a time of absolute rest. A good night of rest will do wonders to prepare you for the day ahead. A poor night of sleep can leave you in a fog and prevent you from performing at your best for the duration of the day. A lot of this has to do with good sleeping habits. Some of it has to do with creating a routine around your sleeping. Though if you create positive affirmation to help with your sleeping habits, you can work towards creating a positive mindset around your sleeping and begin to shape the way you believe in positive sleeping habits.


Affirmations: Sleep

Affirmations will help any aspect of your life. They help you visualize and create positive thoughts around aspects of your life. By doing this, you will plant positive seeds in your mind, body, and soul. These positive thoughts will begin to sprout and eventually bear fruit in the shape of positive outcomes in your life. With positive thinking comes positive actions comes positive outcomes. This is because thinking positively affects the way in which you interact with the world and the way in which you interact with the world changes what comes back to you. Positive thinking brings positive outcomes.

Unfortunately life can become overwhelming and cause continual stress in our lives. There are so many things happening in our day to day lives that can cause us to think negatively which will cause a downward spiral in our lives. It is easy to allow these things to take hold of our lives. For the most part these are trivial things. They can be dismissed, but for whatever reason we give them power over us. This can cause so many negative health concerns to us in the long term. One such thing this can cause is poor sleeping or habits leading up to your sleep.

If you can control your thinking and establish positive habits around your sleeping, you can then work to control your sleep results. There is no doubt that positive affirmations can be a powerful step in the right direction. Affirmations can not be used exclusively. They need to be paired with actions that you can use in your every day life to achieve the results that you want. The actions will get you to achieve your goals, the affirmations will allow you to take those actions day in and day out.

Affirmations are not meant to be used once and be disappointed with the results. They are meant to be practiced each and every day to help you along the way and reflected on at the day’s end. This is why relying on a journal or diary to be able to write down your affirmations for the day will help to visualize and make those affirmations real for you. Additionally, you can write out your goals that you want to achieve from these affirmations to remind you why you continue to practice them.


Positive Sleep Affirmations

Use these positive sleep affirmations to help you set your mind right and to find the right space in your thoughts to be able to get a good night’s rest. These should be combined with positive sleeping habits prior to going to bed. As you progress, you will be able to reflect and identify areas in your life that you can improve on in order to improve your sleeping habits. You can then alter or customize these sleep affirmations to better suit your needs.

  1. I can get a good night’s rest.
  2. I can focus on getting a good night’s rest.
  3. I can rest well tonight.
  4. I can sleep well tonight.
  5. I can have good sleeping habits.
  6. I can clear my thoughts to get a good rest.
  7. I can conquer stress.
  8. I can conquer my thoughts.
  9. I am able to get a good night’s rest.
  10. I am able to focus on getting a good night’s rest.
  11. I am able to rest well tonight.
  12. I am able to sleep well tonight.
  13. I am able to have good sleeping habits.
  14. I am able to clear my thoughts to get a good rest.
  15. I am able to conquer my stress.
  16. I am able to conquer my thoughts.
  17. I will get a good night’s rest.
  18. I will be able to focus on getting a good night’s rest.
  19. I will rest well tonight.
  20. I will sleep well tonight.
  21. I will have good sleeping habits.
  22. I will clear my thoughts to get a good rest.
  23. I will conquer my stress.
  24. I will conquer my thoughts.
  25. I have the ability to get a good night’s rest.
  26. I have good sleeping habits.
  27. I have the ability to clear my thoughts to get a good rest.
  28. I have the ability to conquer my stress.
  29. I have the ability to conquer my thoughts.
  30. Sleep comes easy to me.
  31. Sleep is important to me.
  32. Sleep will heal me.
  33. Sleep will give me good health.



Using Affirmations Before Sleep

Using affirmations before sleep is just one part of setting a routine for your sleeping. This will help to relax you before your sleep, but if you overdo your affirmations before you sleep you will overthink and this will cause your mind to race while you try to sleep causing frustration. It is important before you sleep that you work to clear your mind. This can be done by reflecting on your day in your journal or diary. Write down your thoughts from the day. Understand and reflect on your feelings. Get your frustrations and stresses out on a piece of paper and make action plans to help you with all of these. Doing this will get all of your thoughts out and clear your mind before bed. Then you can focus on getting a good night’s rest.

You additionally want to focus on reducing poor sleeping habits like late night snacking, looking at a screen one hour before bed, and having light sources present while you sleep among many others. Pairing positive sleep habits with affirmations are a great way to improve your sleeping.

So when should you practice positive affirmations for your sleeping?

Typically you can practice affirmations when you first wake up, during the day, and just before bed. But you do not want to focus on sleeping affirmations when you just wake up. You do not want to be thinking of sleep throughout the day. Focus on what is important and the action plan you establish for yourself to conquer what needs to be done in the day. Use sleep affirmations hours before you are ready to prepare yourself for sleep. How you fit this into your routine before sleeping is up to you, but it is important to create a routine around this so that you can stick with it and continue with it each and every day. In time, you will feel your mind change and positive outcomes will find you.

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