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Stress and anxiety can lead to negative consequences in your life long term. Though there are some benefits of the two in moderation on your personal growth, a crippling amount of either of the two is not good for you and they have to be managed. In life there is no doubt that anyone will experience both stress and anxiety at any given point in time. This just means that you are growing. You are outside of your comfort zone and that is where you will learn and grow the most. In a sense, these are essential in life. However, too much of either of the two is not good especially for the long term. This will affect your health in many different aspects. That is why managing these two are important to your overall well-being and where affirmations can help you with just that.


Positive Affirmations: Stress

Affirmations can be used to help control negative feelings and manage them as you would wish. Though it is not the simple solution, they can be used to put you on the right path to overcoming crippling feelings. By using positive affirmations, you can rewire your mind, body, and soul to think positively about negative feelings. This positivity will help you in your life. You will find that positivity brings positive outcomes. This is because positive thinking will affect the way you interact with the world around you and in turn affect the way in which the world interacts with you.

Action needs to also be taken along with your affirmations in order to accomplish the intended outcome. It is about using positive thinking to feed your mind, body, and soul in order for you to begin taking the necessary actions required to get you to the finish line. This begins with goal setting. Writing this down will help you with accomplishing it. Writing down your goals makes it real. It helps you reflect on what you are trying to achieve each and every day and keep it in sight. Goals should be attainable and measurable so that you can continue towards the finish line without feeling overwhelmed. Goal setting is just as important as the affirmations you will use to get to that goal.

Once you have your goals written down, you can use affirmations to surround that goal and your thought process in positivity to then take action towards achieving that goal. Action and affirmations will help you get to the goal together. They are not to be used separately. The idea behind using affirmations is to set up a routine in creating a positive mindset around taking the actions to achieving your goals. By doing so, the actions required take on more positivity in undertaking rather than a negative aspect which will make it much more difficult to achieve.

Routine is important when practicing affirmations. They are not to be used once and become disappointed that they do not work. It is about constant routine practicing that starts to plant the seed and over time that seed will bear fruit. But it does not happen over night. This takes dedication and consistency along with constant reflection of your thoughts and feelings surrounding your mindset. This is why using a journal or diary can help you along the way.


Affirmations for Stress Relief and Anxiety

Use these affirmations to relieve your stress and anxiety. As you become more comfortable practicing affirmations, you can begin to customize these affirmations to your own situation or personal goals that you want to accomplish. This will help make them more personal in your journey to achieving what you wish.

  1. I am able to overcome stress.
  2. I am able to conquer my stress.
  3. I am mentally strong.
  4. I am able to not let stress overwhelm me.
  5. I can overcome stress.
  6. I can conquer my stress.
  7. I can be mentally strong.
  8. I can reduce stress in my life.
  9. I have the ability to overcome stress.
  10. I have the ability to conquer my stress.
  11. I have the ability to be mentally strong.
  12. I have the ability to not let stress overwhelm me.
  13. I will be able to overcome stress.
  14. I will conquer my stress.
  15. I will be mentally strong.
  16. I will reduce stress in my life.
  17. Stress does not affect me.
  18. Stress is maintainable.
  19. Stress can be controlled.
  20. Stress is manageable.
  21. Stress can be overcome.
  22. Stress can be reduced.
  23. Stress is good.
  24. Stress allows me to grow.
  25. Anxiety does not affect me.
  26. Anxiety is maintainable.
  27. Anxiety can be controlled.
  28. Anxiety is manageable.
  29. Anxiety can be overcome.
  30. Anxiety allows me to grow.
  31. I am able to overcome anxiety.
  32. I am able to conquer my anxiety.
  33. I am able to not let anxiety overwhelm me.
  34. I can overcome anxiety.
  35. I can conquer my anxiety.
  36. I am able to not let anxiety overwhelm me.
  37. I have the ability to overcome anxiety.
  38. I have the ability to conquer my anxiety.
  39. I am able to not let anxiety overwhelm me.
  40. I will be able to overcome anxiety.
  41. I will conquer my anxiety.
  42. I am able to not let anxiety overwhelm me.




Routines for Practicing Affirmations for Stress

As discussed, setting a routine around your affirmations to support the actions necessary to accomplish your goals is important for your success. This takes a consistent and dedicated effort in order to control your thoughts and feelings surrounding stress and anxiety. It helps to use a diary or journal to help in this process. Not only does it help to visualize your goals and affirmations, but it helps make it real in your mind. This is essential in accomplishing your goals through affirmations.

It will also help you in the reflection process which you should do each and every day. The routine should start at night as you set the affirmations for the following day. That way you can wake up and immediately without thought start practicing your affirmations for the day. This takes a step out of your morning in which you are less likely to start practicing your affirmations depending on your mood. Take out less actions required and you will stick to the routine rather than give up on it. You can then write down your reflections on your morning and what you are feeling and thinking about the day ahead of you.

Use your journal or diary throughout the day to do the same. Take notes on your thoughts and feelings surrounding anxiety and stress. What were your triggers? What happened throughout the day to cause stress and anxiety in your life? What helped you overcome anxiety in stress throughout the day. Quick notes will help you at the end of the day to summarize and reflect on your day. You can use these notes to understand yourself better as well.

At the end of the day, practice your affirmations to end the day on a positive note no matter what happened in the day. This will help you get a good night’s rest and to clear your mind of any negativity. Reflect on your notes and the day behind you and finalize any note taking or thought processes that you have to wrap up the day and put it behind you. Tomorrow is a new day with new affirmations.

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