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We all want to be wealthy, but wealth has different meanings to different people. Though mostly associated with financial well-being, it can also include other facets of life that can overlap or stand alone from financial wellness. Wealth is something that anyone can obtain with the right attitude. This revolves around controlling your thoughts and feelings and creating a world around you that will attract positive outcomes. This starts with creating positive thoughts that will take root into your mind, body, and soul. This positive thinking has an incredible aspect to then attract positive outcomes around you to help you achieve your goals. Wealth goals can be achieved by starting positive affirmations and the actions behind that to accomplish these goals.


Affirmations About Wealth

Affirmations are powerful. They will help re-wire your mind to think positively towards the world around you. This in turn helps to attract more positive outcomes in your life. When the mind, body, and soul is aligned in its positivity, even if something that may be considered negative happens in your life you are able to pull out the positivity from it. This helps the way in which you interact with the world. How you interact with the world around you will affect the way in which the world interacts back with you.

Practicing affirmations about wealth can help to set yourself up for success and achieving your goals. By speaking word into truth for your life, you can become more in control of the world around you and what will happen to you. That is not to say that truly negative things will happen in your life. But by controlling your thoughts and feelings, you can move forward without allowing for the situation to control your thoughts and feelings which will lead to a downward spiral.

Working towards a wealthy lifestyle is not something that is easy. It requires more than just practicing affirmations for wealth. These should be considered a starting point in your journey or a way in which you can build off of your momentum. If you want to be wealthy, you also need to take action on the affirmations and set goals that you want to accomplish. By writing these affirmations down with a goal that you want these affirmations to lead towards, you can have a visual as to what a wealthy life may look for you. The affirmations will help you along that journey towards accomplishing those goals.

It is truly incredible the power of these affirmations can have on your life when they are practiced routinely. Setting a routine can be difficult, but with a journal or diary that you can dedicate to these affirmations, you can really build a routine around practicing affirmations and reflections on your day. Doing this will help you reflect on your daily operations, what worked and what did not work, and how you are making improvements each and every day in your life.


Affirmations: Wealth

Positive affirmations for wealth should be practiced regularly and become part of your every day routine. They should be written down along with a goal that you are working towards achieving with these affirmations. The list below will help you in choosing affirmations to start with. As you continue, you can start to alter or customize these affirmations to suit your life and what you want to accomplish.

  1. I am wealthy.
  2. I am a wealthy person.
  3. I am able to achieve wealth.
  4. I am confident in my ability to be wealthy.
  5. I am attracted to wealth.
  6. I live in wealth.
  7. I live a wealthy lifestyle.
  8. I can be wealthy.
  9. I can achieve wealth.
  10. I can live a wealthy lifestyle.
  11. I can work towards wealth.
  12. I can continue to work towards wealth.
  13. I can use wealth to help my family.
  14. I can use wealth to help my friends.
  15. I can use wealth to help others.
  16. I have wealth.
  17. I have the ability to achieve wealth.
  18. I have positive thoughts about wealth.
  19. I will be wealthy.
  20. I will achieve wealth.
  21. I will live a wealthy lifestyle.
  22. I will continue to work towards wealth.
  23. I will use wealth to help my family.
  24. I will use wealth to help my friends.
  25. I will use wealth to help others.
  26. Wealth is abundant.
  27. Wealth is achievable.
  28. Becoming wealthy is easy to me.
  29. The journey to wealth is easy to me.
  30. Wealth is easily achievable.
  31. Wealth is attracted to me.
  32. Wealth is positive.
  33. Wealth can be used to help my family.
  34. Wealth can be used to help my friends.
  35. Wealth can be used to help others.



Routine for Affirmations of Wealth

Setting a routine for your affirmations of wealth is likely going to be the most important thing in seeing achievements along your journey to wealth. It can be difficult to set a routine, but once it does become a routine for you it is likely not easy to be broken. The routine will help to shift your mindset towards positivity on a daily basis and to remind yourself of your goals that you are trying to achieve. It keeps everything in perspective when you may experience a setback of some sort. Positive thoughts will take root in your mind over time and will begin to bear fruit when you are dedicated to practicing affirmations on a daily basis.

This is why a journal or diary comes in handy. Choosing your affirmations the night before will help you be able to wake up without thought and have a clear mind to immediately begin to practice your affirmations. Writing this down in your diary will reduce the thought process of needing to think of what you will be practicing on the day of. This should be accompanied by the goal that you also want to achieve from this.

Throughout the day, carrying around your diary or journal to write notes on your day will help you reflect at the end of the day on things that happened to you and how you thought and felt. This will help you identify triggers that make you think of your affirmations or shortcomings in your day that you can improve on. Note taking is essential to building on top of the positive outcomes that accompany your positive affirmations.

At the end of the day, you can return to your notes to review the day and understand your thought processes better while also practicing your affirmations of the day. You can summarize your thoughts and feelings for the day or conclude the day with how you are feeling at the time. You can then choose the following day’s affirmations, whether you want to choose new affirmations or you want to stick with the affirmations that you practiced on that day. There are no wrong answers and you can customize this to your own journey.

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