Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss | Helpful Words to Start Practicing


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Weight loss can be a difficult task to undertake. It takes a lot of discipline and consistent actions in order to achieve your goals. It is truly an exercise in mind over matter. There are times when it seems easy and other times that make it seem impossible. With some positive thinking and encouragement, it is more than possible to achieve the goals you set out for yourself in your weight loss journey. You will find that using positive affirmations to help you along the way will lead to incredible positive thinking that will help you get past those difficult times and to conquer your goals. There is no doubt that positive affirmations for weight loss can improve the likelihood that you will lose weight and work towards the you that you want to be.


Positive Affirmations for Losing Weight

There are so many weight loss strategies and tactics out on the market. Everything from depriving your body of calories to allowing you to eat whatever you want and still lose weight. I am no dietician, but healthy food habits along with exercise will lead to a healthy mind, body, and soul. These habits can be extremely difficult to achieve. Especially after significant time not taking these healthy food habits into consideration. Likely this will be the biggest challenge in your weight loss journey, along with the consistent dedication to achieving your goals. If it was easy, everyone would do it. The things in life that are most worthwhile are the difficult ones. Do not give up on goals you set for yourself.

This is the starting point in your weight loss journey. Setting a goal. Write it down so that you can always refer to it and reflect upon it. Writing it down makes it real. Something that is possible. Turn it into a visual so that you know what you are working towards. Put a why around it so you can always remember what it is and why it is you want to achieve this. This could be something as simple as a weight goal for yourself. Along with that, write down your why. For example, you want to lead a healthy life so that you can enjoy activities with your loved ones for longer.

Break this goal down into micro goals with targets that you want to hit. This may require research with losing weight or the consultation of a specialist to set these micro goals. You want them to be realistic and achievable something that you can hit during different periods along your journey. You do not want to make them extremely difficult to achieve to avoid becoming overwhelmed and dissatisfied with your incredible results along the way. Write these down as well so that they are real.

You can then begin thinking about what your action is to take in order to achieve these goals. How much exercise will you be incorporating into your daily schedule? How will you begin on this journey? How will you increase that exercise? What meals can your prepare for yourself that are healthy? What can you do to help you with shopping to avoid unhealthy purchases? This will take some time to write out a road map to your success and to begin to implement it along your way to achieving your goals.

With all that being said, positive affirmations will be a helpful way to keep your eyes on the ultimate goal and remain positive no matter what happens to you along the way. This may be a long journey with plenty of ups and downs along the way. The idea behind positive affirmations is to not believe that them alone are going to allow you to lose weight, but to help you along the journey to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

This should be a routine practice of your positive affirmations for weight loss. They should become a ritual almost to ensure that you are waking up on a positive note and going to sleep with positive thoughts of your weight loss journey. It is about keeping a positive mind on your weight loss and to help you when you may stumble along the way. Positivity tends to breed positivity. If you believe in what you speak, it will become true. Positive thoughts help the way in which you interact with the world around you. The way in which you interact with the world around you tends to bring with it positive outcomes on your life. It is a circle of positive attraction that will keep you motivated along the way.


Positive Affirmations: Weight Loss

  1. I am able to lose weight.
  2. I am able to make healthy decisions.
  3. I am able to make healthy choices.
  4. I am able to be consistent in exercising.
  5. I am able to be consistent in eating healthy.
  6. I am able to exercise.
  7. I am able to eat healthy.
  8. I am determined to lose weight.
  9. I am determined to eat healthy.
  10. I am disciplined to lose weight.
  11. I am disciplined to eat healthy.
  12. I can lose weight.
  13. I can make healthy decisions.
  14. I can make healthy choices.
  15. I can use exercise to lose weight.
  16. I can be consistent in exercising.
  17. I can be consistent in eating healthy.
  18. I can be determined to lose weight.
  19. I can be determined to eat healthy.
  20. I can be disciplined to lose weight.
  21. I can be disciplined to eat healthy.
  22. I have the ability to lose weight.
  23. I love eating healthy.
  24. I love exercise.
  25. I will lose weight.
  26. I will make healthy choices.
  27. I will make healthy decisions.
  28. I will exercise.
  29. I will eat healthy.
  30. I will be consistent in exercising.
  31. I will be consistent in eating healthy.
  32. I will be determined to lose weight.
  33. I will be determined to eat healthy.
  34. I will be disciplined to lose weight.
  35. I will be disciplined to eat healthy.
  36. Losing weight is easy to me.
  37. Healthy choices will help me lose weight.
  38. Healthy decisions will help me lose weight.
  39. Health is wealth.
  40. Health is important to me.
  41. Healthy food tastes good.
  42. Exercise feels great.
  43. Being healthy is what I want.
  44. Losing weight is what I want.
  45. Weight loss is easy to me.



Routine for Practicing Weight Loss Affirmations

Routine is always important when committing to something. This is no less different than with positive affirmations. They can be practiced according to your schedule, but creating a schedule that you can stick with and reflect on in your weight loss journey will help to instill the process into your mind, body, and soul and begin to show results. It is not about practicing them once and forgetting about it because it did not come to pass. It is about every day work along with the actions that are necessary to get you to achieve your goals.

Before going to bed, set your affirmations for the following day. Write them down in a journal or diary so that you can wake up and immediately begin to visualize what your affirmations are for that day. This way there is no thought process when you wake up. You have your positive affirmations ready to practice to start you on the right path for the day. You can also use this same journal or diary to write down your goals, thoughts, and reflections throughout the day to help you along the way. Use it throughout the day whenever you need to.

At the end of the day, return to your journal or diary to wrap up the day. Reflect on your thoughts. Think about your decisions and what caused them. This is about reflecting on your day and how you can continue to use your affirmations to bring more positivity to your life and to the decisions that you make. This is a long journey of healthy decisions and exercising. But it is absolutely possible, especially when you surround those decisions with positivity.

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