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Happiness is important to a prosperous and fruitful life. There is no doubt that life is not full of happiness each and every moment of every single day. That is not necessarily a negative thing as difficulties and challenges in life that do not necessarily bring happiness in the moment will help us grow. This will eventually likely bring happiness with it, but at the moment that you experience these challenges it may be stressful. However, we can work to find happiness in any situation by remaining positive or looking for the positivity. To do this, we can use affirmations to speak positive words into our lives and to help attract positivity in our lives through the words that we speak into being.


Affirmations for Happiness

Affirmations can be used to pursue happiness in your life. They can be used to attract happiness by believing in the words that you speak. You will find that if you think negatively, you will find more negativity around you. This will create a downward spiral of constantly thinking negatively and finding more negativity. This is a recency bias as what you think, you will find. The same thing about when you think about a specific car or a specific color of a car and then you begin seeing that more. It is not that the frequency of those cars increased, but that your mind is looking for what you have thought about. The same thing is true about your thoughts and feelings and is why it is so important to speak positivity into your life.

If you can control your thoughts and feelings to remain positive, you will find more positivity in your life. This will increase your happiness regardless of the challenges you may experience in your daily life. There is no doubt that these challenges will present themselves, but by focusing on the positivity in those challenges and what the light on the other side of those challenges brings will help your mind, body, and soul become more happy and move past difficulties in your life. As you think more positively, you will attract more positivity. As you interact with the world differently because of your thoughts, the world will change the way it interacts with you.

Affirmations will help you find more happiness in life. They are not, however, the end all be all. They will not alone provide you with happiness. But they are a great starting point. Action is what will get you the rest of the way. That action is what you need to take in order to seek out happiness in your life and affirmations will help to support that action that you need to take. Sometimes the action you need to take will be difficult, but with affirmations and positive thought process you can accomplish anything.


Positive Affirmations: Happiness

  1. I can be happy.
  2. I can embrace happiness.
  3. I can attract happiness.
  4. I can enjoy happiness.
  5. I can pursue happiness.
  6. I can find happiness in my life.
  7. I am happy.
  8. I am able to embrace happiness.
  9. I am able to attract happiness.
  10. I am able to enjoy happiness.
  11. I am able to pursue happiness.
  12. I am able to find happiness in my life.
  13. I have the ability to be happy.
  14. I have the ability to embrace happiness.
  15. I have the ability to attract happiness.
  16. I have the ability to enjoy happiness.
  17. I have the ability to pursue happiness.
  18. I have the ability to find happiness in my life.
  19. I will be happy.
  20. I will embrace happiness.
  21. I will attract happiness.
  22. I will enjoy happiness.
  23. I will pursue happiness.
  24. I will find happiness in my life.
  25. Happiness is attracted to me.
  26. Happiness is important to me.
  27. Happiness is a priority.
  28. Happiness comes easy to me.
  29. Happiness is part of my life.
  30. Happiness can be found anywhere.
  31. Happiness will help me in my life.
  32. Happiness is in my life.



Routine for Practicing Happiness Affirmations

The pursuit of happiness in your life begins with what you want out of life and who you want in your life. You will find that happiness is found through the people that you allow to be in your life, so it is important to choose carefully who you want to be in your life because time is finite. There is only so much time that you can give people and that is the most valuable resource. Beyond the people in your life, you also need to consider the personal growth that you have in mind. This could be a variety of things from a career to hobbies that you have. These will all bring happiness with them, as well as personal growth that is important to your life in order to be fulfilled.

All of this begins with setting goals in your life that you want to achieve and that you can work towards. By setting these goals, you have something to work towards. A north star so to speak that you are always moving to. This will help create actions around accomplishing that goal as you have something real that you want to complete. Writing down that goal will make it even more real and help you to visualize what you are working towards. You can then break that goal down into micro goals so as to not overwhelm yourself in the pursuit of that goal. These micro goals should be attainable on your journey so that you can celebrate the wins along the way to help push you through to the finish line. Use a journal or a diary to write these down in and then you can write down the daily actions and affirmations that you can surround yourself with to move towards these goals.

This routine starts at night when you can plan the following day with actions that you need to take and affirmations that can support those actions. By doing this the night before, you are taking the thought process out of the morning which can be a struggling time to put an action plan into words. This could lead to inaction or procrastination. By setting out a plan the night before, you are removing the opportunity for inaction to come into your life and you are starting your day on the right foot. In the morning and throughout the day you can practice your affirmations. During the day write down your thoughts and feelings, struggles, accomplishments, and anything you want.

At the end of the day you can reflect on everything you took notes on. This will help you conclude that day and put it behind you. It will also help you to realize the gains you made towards the ultimate goal that you are working towards. It will help you to clear your mind and prepare for the following day as you move ever closer towards accomplishing the goal that you have in mind and bringing more happiness into your life.

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