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Mental health is something that has continuously caused suffering that has no been addressed in our society. The more that it is talked about, the better that we can continue to improve the state of our mental health. It is important to reach out for help if you feel you are struggling with your mental health. There is no substitute for that. There are however steps that you can take in the right direction to help improve your mental health. Positive mental health affirmations are one such step in the right direction. Positivity goes a long way to improving your health in general, let alone positive thinking for your mental health. It will also help you to focus on what is important in your life. Though they are not the single solution, but a starting point in your journey to better mental health.


Affirmations for Mental Health

Your mental health is incredibly important. So many aspects of your life affect your mental health in both positive and negative ways. Negativity can be a difficult thing to remove from your life once you begin that downward spiral or when things seem to be happening to you again and again. This can lead to a mental health crisis which is even more difficult to pull yourself out of. Everyone in their life will go through this at least once in their life. You are not alone.

Preventative action against this downward spiral is the most important thing. Being reactionary to this can be more difficult, but definitely possible. Mental health should be worked on just as your health would be. It should be exercised. There should be a focus on it and positive affirmations can be an excellent way to begin that journey.

Positive affirmations for mental health are a starting point in that effort to sustain or to improve your mental health. It is essentially the replacement of negative thoughts for positive thoughts that will have a profound effect on the way in which you think of yourself through your mind, body, and soul. When you begin to shift this, you can positively affect the way in which you interact with the world. This in turn changes the way the world interacts with you. This positive thinking will attract positive outcomes in your life.

Now, positive affirmations are just a beginning step in your journey. A powerful initial step that will help transform your thinking which will affect so many aspects of your life. However, these affirmations should be accompanied with actions. These actions are the ways in which you will truly see your life change for the better. Affirmations are not the solution, but a step towards the solution. They cannot solve everything by themselves.

Before beginning this journey towards improving your mental health, you should have a goal or outcome that you want to achieve with your affirmations. This goal or outcome can be split up into micro goals that you want to achieve. As you achieve these micro goals, you will see your self-confidence begin to grow. This will help your positive outlook on life and you will see this compound in your life as this positivity breeds positivity and attracts positive outcomes. Choosing affirmations to support these goals will help you achieve incredible things in your life. But it is not accomplished without actions to support these affirmations.


Positive Affirmations: Mental Health

  1. I am working on myself.
  2. I am working towards being my best self.
  3. I am unstoppable.
  4. I am mentally strong.
  5. I am mentally powerful.
  6. I am confident in my ability.
  7. I am worthy.
  8. I am strong.
  9. I am in control of my mental health.
  10. I am in control of my thoughts and feelings.
  11. My mental health is important to me.
  12. My mental health will improve.
  13. My mental health will be better.
  14. I can be my best self.
  15. I can think positively.
  16. I can be mentally strong.
  17. I can be mentally powerful.
  18. I can be confident in my ability.
  19. I can control my mental health.
  20. I can control my thoughts and feelings.
  21. I will be my best self.
  22. I will think positive thoughts.
  23. I will be mentally strong.
  24. I will be mentally powerful.
  25. I will be confident in my ability.



Routine for Mental Health Affirmation

The improvement of mental health is a daily practice. Affirmations are a support to help you on improving your mental health. They require daily practice as well. It is important to set a routine with your affirmations to take those initial step on your journey. This is feeding your mind, body, and soul with positive thinking allowing for positivity to take root and begin to grow and bear fruit. This is why having a journal or diary for your affirmations can help you to set this routine and remind you what you want to achieve day in and day out.

The daily affirmation starts the night before where you can set the affirmations for the following day and to reaffirm your goal that you are working towards with those affirmations. This ensures that you have nothing to think about as soon as you wake up and gives you the best chance possible to work towards a positive day. Immediately when you wake up, you can practice your affirmations and you can take notes on how you feel and what are your thoughts. Getting this out on paper will help you get them off of your mind and start to visualize these thoughts and feelings.

Throughout the day, having a journal or diary that you can refer to throughout the day to remind yourself of these affirmations and the goals you want to accomplish to remind you of what you are working towards will really help you along your journey. It will also help with note taking throughout the day of how you feel, what your thoughts are, what triggers you to think about your affirmations or to refer to them. All of this note taking will help you in your journey to understand yourself better and the benefits of affirmations along your journey.

Finally, at the end of the day you can come back to your journal or diary and wrap the day up with your thoughts and feelings while also reflecting on the day behind you. You can use the affirmations and decide which affirmations you can use the following day or even stick with the same affirmations to help you work towards your goals and on your journey.

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