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You can and you will be prosperous in your life. In order to achieve prosperity, you will need to take action in your life to achieve what it is that you are setting out to accomplish. These actions will not always be easy. They will challenge you and put you to the test. But nothing in life worthwhile is easy. If you want to be prosperous in any aspect of your life, it requires work and consistent action. In order to get through those difficult moments in your life, affirmations will help you to remain positive and helping you through the difficult times in your life. They will help to attract more positivity into your life and can be powerful tools towards achieving prosperity in any aspect of your life.


Affirmations for Prosperity

Prosperity is achievable in any aspect of your life. It all starts with setting a goal in your life that you want to work towards accomplishing. Write this goal down. It will help you to visualize your goal making it real and something that is obtainable. This goal may be a big one, so you may want to break it down into micro goals that are achievable. This way you can celebrate small wins along the way so as to not discourage you on your journey towards prosperity. These micro goals set a road map towards your main goal as well making it a path that you know you can continue through to the finish line. You can then use affirmations to help support the actions that you need to take in order to accomplish each of those micro goals.

Along the way towards achieving your goal, you will need to remain consistently dedicated to taking action. This can be difficult at times, but by using positive affirmations you can make it happen day in and day out. Affirmations help to speak positivity into your life and help you to remain focused on what is important in your life. They will help you through the most challenging times when it seems easier to just give up. This is where the power of affirmations will help you along the journey most.

Speaking positivity into your life will help change your mindset around how you interact with the world. By speaking positivity into your life, you will plant a seed that will sprout and bear fruit in your life if you consistently nurture that seed through the practice of affirmations. This positivity will change the way in which you interact with the world around you. As you change the way in which you interact with the world, so to will the world change the way it interacts back with you. This is how speaking positivity into your life will attract positivity back into your life. This is an unstoppable snowball effect that will continue to move you towards your goals. That momentum that you build is powerful.

Affirmations alone will not get you to the finish line. They are a starting point on your path towards prosperity. Ultimately it is your goal setting and the actions required that will get you to the finish line. But it is the affirmations that will support you along that journey. That positivity will keep you focused on what is most important and support you to take the actions necessary day in and day out in order to accomplish those goals.


Affirmation: Prosperity

  1. I can be prosperous.
  2. I can achieve prosperity.
  3. I can embrace prosperity.
  4. I can attract prosperity.
  5. I can pursue prosperity.
  6. I can work towards being prosperous.
  7. I can take action to be prosperous.
  8. I am prosperous.
  9. I am able to achieve prosperity.
  10. I am able to embrace prosperity.
  11. I am able to attract prosperity.
  12. I am able to pursue prosperity.
  13. I am able to work towards being prosperous.
  14. I am able to take action to be prosperous.
  15. I have the ability to be prosperous.
  16. I have the ability to achieve prosperity.
  17. I have the ability to embrace prosperity.
  18. I have the ability to attract prosperity.
  19. I have the ability to pursue prosperity.
  20. I have the ability to work towards being prosperous.
  21. I have the ability to take action to be prosperous.
  22. I will be prosperous.
  23. I will achieve prosperity.
  24. I will embrace prosperity.
  25. I will attract prosperity.
  26. I will pursue prosperity.
  27. I will work towards being prosperous.
  28. I will take action to be prosperous.
  29. Prosperity is all around me.
  30. Prosperity is attracted to me.
  31. Prosperity is important to me.
  32. Prosperity is a priority in my life.
  33. Prosperity will find me.
  34. Prosperity is achievable.
  35. Prosperity is within my grasp.



Routine to Practice Affirmations of Prosperity

Setting a routine around practicing your affirmations will make it much easier to take action towards achieving prosperity. When you set a proper routine, you no longer need to think about what you need to do but you can allow that routine to carry you through the tasks of the day. This all begins with writing down your goals and micro goals in a journal or diary so that you can continuously remind yourself of what it is that you are working towards. You can then begin by setting the day’s tasks in your journals and writing down the affirmations that you will practice that day to support those tasks.

This all begins the night prior. By writing down the next day’s action plan and the affirmations that you choose to practice for that day on the night before, it takes the thought process out of the morning. It is the morning where you are most vulnerable to inaction and procrastination. It is also the morning that is the most important in setting out on the right foot towards taking action towards achieving your goal. By setting the action plan the night prior and the affirmations you will practice, you are giving yourself the best chance for success.

You can then practice your affirmations in the morning and then set out on accomplishing the tasks for the day. Continue to take notes in your journal or diary on the day. Write down things you complete, setbacks and struggles, and your thoughts and feelings around the day. You can then return to your notes at the end of the day to reflect on and conclude. By doing this, you can put the day behind you for good and clear your mind so that you can get a good night’s rest. You can then continue the routine by setting the action plan and the affirmations for the next day, thus continuing your journey towards your final goal of prosperity.

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