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There is so many positive things to say about what you get out of traveling the world. It helps you put things into perspective in your life beyond being such an incredible experience that you enjoy. Travel really does expand your mindset and helps to revitalize yourself. However, it can be or seem to be out of reach for so many people. Travel can be expensive depending on where you want to visit. Though there are alternatives for being able to travel closer to home or earning rewards to save for travel, most of the time it will cost you out of pocket plus the time spent not working. Then there are the personal difficulties that come with setting up for travel such as having kids or needing to be taking care of a loved one. There are numerous reasons why it is difficult to travel, yet it is such an amazing part of life. We can take action on what we want in order to travel where we want, but having some hope and positivity in our lives is a starting point to be able to achieve that and keeping it top of mind. That is where affirmations come in.


Affirmations for Travel

Travel is truly an incredible experience that is not open to everyone. Though there are ways in which you can incorporate travel into your life if you find it is more difficult to do so based on your personal position. We seem to neglect our own backyards when it comes to traveling and typically look to fly abroad in order to get the true travel experience. Yet we can find some of the greatest treasures in our own cities or on small road trips that you may not get elsewhere. That does not mean that we should not travel abroad if the opportunity presents itself. This will further open your mind to the world around you and help to broaden the mind. You will appreciate more of what you have than ever before and be grateful for the memories you make while traveling abroad.

If you do get the opportunity to travel or you make your own opportunity to travel, then having the right mindset is important to embracing the full experience. It can be an anxious experience your first time traveling. From getting to the airport to ensuring that you packed your bags properly. There are so many things that you could forget that are crucial to your enjoyment of travel. Yet, once you are off and on your way the best thing to do is to embrace everything that happens to you. Travel is a mostly positive experience. That does not mean that negative things will happen along the way. Having the right mindset to embrace those difficulties and to have a positive mindset to enjoy the remainder of your trip is incredibly important.

So how do you embrace those difficulties and keep a positive mindset while you travel? How do you attract opportunities to travel? How do you attract a travel experience to your life if you find you are in a situation that wont allow you to travel? This all begins with affirmations to help create an aura of positivity. By speaking positivity in your words, you help to bring positivity into your life. By continuously speaking positively into your life you will rewire your thought process which will change the way in which you interact with the world. This will in turn change the way in which the world interacts back with you. You will see the positivity in every day life, even when things may not go the way in which you want. This is the power of affirmations.

Affirmations are not the end all be all. They are the starting point if you find you are struggling with positivity in your life. They will help you along the journey. But they need to be tied with action. Affirmations will help you take that action and to remain consistent with those actions in order to achieve what it is that you want. They will help in remaining dedicated to what you want the outcome to be from your affirmations and your goals that you set.

For travel, that may just mean setting goals in your financials in order to be able to travel. It could mean setting destinations that you want to travel to. There are numerous reasons why you would want to incorporate travel into your affirmations so that you can accomplish what it is that you want.


Affirmations: Travel

Choose from these affirmations to support what it is that you wish to accomplish around your travels. As you progress, you can work to customize and tailor these affirmations to your own situation in order to speak into what you wish to accomplish with your goals.

  1. I can travel.
  2. I can travel the world.
  3. I can travel anywhere.
  4. I can travel whenever I want.
  5. I can save for travel.
  6. I can make time for travel.
  7. I can be a traveler.
  8. I can spend my money on travel.
  9. I am able to travel.
  10. I am able to travel the world.
  11. I am able to travel anywhere.
  12. I am able to travel whenever I want.
  13. I am able to save for travel.
  14. I am able to make time for travel.
  15. I am a traveler.
  16. I am able to spend my money on travel.
  17. I have the ability to travel.
  18. I have the ability to travel the world.
  19. I have the ability to travel anywhere.
  20. I have the ability to travel whenever I want.
  21. I have the ability to save for travel.
  22. I have the ability to make time for travel.
  23. I have the ability to be a traveler.
  24. I have the ability to spend my money on travel.
  25. I will travel.
  26. I will travel the world.
  27. I will travel anywhere.
  28. I will travel whenever I want.
  29. I will save for travel.
  30. I will make time for travel.
  31. I will be a traveler.
  32. I will spend my money on travel.
  33. Travel is important to me.
  34. Travel is a priority to me.
  35. Travel is important in my life.
  36. Travel is attracted to me.
  37. Travel is all around me.



Routine for Practicing Affirmations of Travel

When you write down your goals, they become real. You can visualize them and work towards accomplishing them. The same thing is true to your affirmations that help to support the goals. This is why using a journal or diary to write down your goals and affirmations is important in accomplishing them. Whatever it is that you want the outcome to be, write it down and break it into achievable goals along the way provided the actions that you need to take. You can then write down your affirmations that you choose in order to accomplish those goals to meet that outcome.

Affirmations are meant to be practiced consistently with dedication to it. They are not meant to be practiced once and forgotten about. This consistency and dedication will help you to achieve those goals that you set as they will require the same practice. Affirmations are just the starting point in working through the required actions to achieve your goals.

Practicing your affirmations starts the night prior when you can choose the affirmations for the following day to focus on. Writing them down takes the thought process out of the morning where you are less likely to go through the motions if you have to think about what you want to focus on. With the decision already made for you, you can already work on practicing your affirmations and focusing on the actions that are required for that day to get you one step closer. Continue to write down throughout the day your actions accomplished and thoughts on how you can improve the process. This will allow you to close out your day recounting your accomplishments and reviewing your day to put it to a close. That way you can clear your mind of the day and get a good night’s rest to begin again tomorrow.

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